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Cheap Jerseys.In major-league baseball, we’re treated to a marathon of a game every once in a while. Many casual fans will wake up and see the headlines and then kind react with a shoulder shrug and “huh, there was a game that went 16 innings last night” and that’s it.Authentic NFL Jerseys. It’s a fleeting thought and nothing more. Meanwhile, those same people will blow a gasket if anyone ever suggests that maybe for regular-season games — of which there are 162 per team, mind you — maybe it wouldn’t be so awful to just end the thing in a tie after, say, the 12th or 13th inning. It’s a hot topic right now because there was an 18-inning game Sunday night. Oh, and it involved the Yankees. And the Cubs. And it was on national television. So the level of discussion is skyrocketing and it’s time to join in on it.Cheap NFL Jerseys.Let’s be above that hateful/hot take nonsense and try to have a civil conversation about the possibility of ending games in a tie.

Cheap NBA Jerseys.The Washington Nationals retained their claim on the top slot in this week’s Power Rankings, and the cast of the top 10 didn’t change. Which is not to say there was not some reshuffling this time around; the New York Yankees made a move up to No. 2 to claim top honors in the American League, while there was more jostling among the NL West’s power trio of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.Outside of the top 10, the biggest surprise might be the Reds moving up nine spots, while the Twins wound up ranked higher still by making their own eight-slot jump as they keep up in the AL Central’s initially tight race. With their move back toward the AL West’s basement, the Rangers took the biggest fall, tumbling from the top 20 by dropping nine spots. Wholesale Jerseys.The National League’s top drop was in Milwaukee, as the Brewers slumped six slots, more a symptom of how many teams are grouped around .500 than a sudden turn in their fortunes.

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Custom Jerseys.Teams such as the Washington Nationals, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians are right where we expected them to be through 30 or so games.However, the New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds and Colorado Rockies are surprise division leaders, while the Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants are still trying to stabilize.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.There won’t be as much wholesale shifting in these weekly rankings in the months ahead. For now, though, things continue to shuffle quite a bit from top to bottom.Custom Basebsall Jerseys.As always, this is a fluid process, with teams rising and falling based on where they were ranked the previous week. If a team keeps winning, it will keep climbing—it’s as simple as that.