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The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to the AFC Championship to play the New England Patriots. Even after a season in which the Jags played objectively excellent football — a 10-6 record, plus-149 point differential, the eighth-best team by DVOA — that still feels weird to say.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Jaguars have been a punchline for so long — still are a punchline, in fact — that it’s easy to assume this will all go wrong. There’s evidence that it should. NFL teams only move out of their stations with great effort. We tend to see the same teams in the playoffs every year. And especially when a good team has a mediocre quarterback, we assume that team is doomed. Hence, the Steelers were 7-point favorites.Wholesale Jerseys.The Jaguars beat them in a thriller Sunday. They won deservingly, in all the ways that make them a big problem for the Patriots next week. They were fast, tough, and opportunistic, embodying all of the potential that young teams have over veteran ones.


Everyone was stunned when they saw the dramatic finale to the Saints-Vikings game-winning touchdown.Cheap Basketball Jerseys.Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was especially shocked at what went down. We got a glimpse at how excited he was during the postgame interview, but now we can see his reaction as it all went down.Poor dude doesn’t even know what to do! That’s how excited he is. He maintains the same incredulous expression the entire time and eventually figures out that the best thing to do is hug those around him. But that entire time, his facial expression stays the same.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Even as Linval Joseph is hugging him, there’s no real reaction from Griffen. He’s just going with the flow, and it looks like he’s mostly in his head, trying to process that the team is one step close to making the Super Bowl — in its home stadium, no less!Authentic NFL Jerseys.

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Cheap MLB Jerseys.The Jets are projected to have the fourth-most salary cap space this offseason, according to Over The Cap. Let’s assume they spend a good chunk of that on a quarterback like Bradford. His health history makes him a risk, but he could stop a team from taking a quarterback in the first round. The Jets should also be in play for Cousins if he’s available.Since we made a quarterback assumption at the Jets’ pick, let’s make another with Washington and say somehow Kirk Cousins is back.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.Franchise tagging him at $34.5 million next season seems absurd, but Washington has enough money available to at least hand it out for the third time to Cousins.